Data includes lake name, dates of freeze-up and thaw, and duration of ice cover of lakes in the Madison, WI area. Ice cover duration is the number of days that a lake is frozen, excluding periods where the lake thaws before refreezing again. Lakes Monona and Wingra are considered to be frozen if they are completely ice covered, while Lake Mendota is considered to be frozen if there is ice from Picnic Point to Maple Bluff and more than 50% of the lake is covered by ice.



A tibble with 431 rows and 5 variables


a factor denoting the lake name


a date denoting the freeze date of each lake


a date denoting the ice breakup date of each lake


a number denoting the number of days between the freeze and breakup dates of each lake


a number denoting the year of observation


Magnuson, J.J., S.R. Carpenter, and E.H. Stanley. 2021. North Temperate Lakes LTER: Ice Duration - Madison Lakes Area 1853 - current ver 35. Environmental Data Initiative. doi:10.6073/pasta/ab31f2489ee436beb73fc8f1d0213d97