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Site Personnel Lists


It’s helpful to have an overview of how the community platform works before detailing the process of adding new people. There are two major components to the SalesForce installation behind the community platform:

Rather than having an individual simply associated with a site or not, the new system maintains a record of prior associations and allows multiple simultaneous associations (with different sites, in different roles, and with different institutions). This is valuable for understanding how individuals interact with the Network across their careers. To accomplish it, however, we need to update affiliations, rather than just sites.

The CRM also has an API function that will allow you to access the personnel list for your site and display it on your own website or access it for completing NSF reporting functions. The API was updated in April 2022 to return first and last names separately. Documentation is available on the Google drive and John Porter wrote up a nice DataBits article on using it.

Making individual updates

Sometimes, it’s important to add an individual to your site right away. To add key personnel to your site between major updates, simply email Marty with the new user’s name, role, and email address. The LNO will create a contact and a user for them and trigger a message for them to log in and fill in other key information.

Once a user is created and they have logged in, they are able to update their own information from their user profile in the top right corner. User-editable information includes email (which automatically updates the login email within 24 hours), site and institutional affiliations, ORCID, social media accounts, and research interests.

If information needs to be updated that is not user-editable (or a user is unwilling to edit their own information), email Marty and describe the needed change(s).

Making bulk updates (new January 12, 2022)

Usually, there are a few times a year when many people need to be added at once. Edits to LTER site personnel can now be made directly in the LTERHub-ex-im google sheets document. Lead site information managers for each site have read access to the file, but edit permissions will be granted on a sheet-by-sheet basis to only one individual per site.

Note that Google sheets, unlike Excel sheets or csv files, save data continuously as it is entered.

Overall workflow

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