LTER Information Manager's Manual

A getting started guide

This project is maintained by lter

Getting IM Help

For general information management (IM) questions, check out the im channel in the LTER Slack workspace. Post your question, and you’ll likely get a response from other IMs active that day.

For general LTER questions, again try Slack, or just email Marty Downs, director of the LTER Network Office (LNO). If Marty gets tired of the spam, be sure to point her to this page so she can edit it and scold Tim for posting her address.

For help with archiving data at the Environmental Data Initiative, email EDI. Or join EDI’s Slack. They are generally very responsive and helpful.

If you see something at an LTER site and you want to know how they did that, reach out to the IM. We’re a friendly community. Some are even eager to share because shared solutions can be more sustainable and it makes the site look good when reviews and renewals come up!